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 7 month Intuitive Herbalism Apprenticeship (1 Saturday a month)
Silent Plant Mentorship Weekends (Choose 1-2 weekends this summer)

Plant Spirit Healing Mentorship
Is this healing mentorship for you?
  • It is a 3 month to 1 year commitment of working on yourself.
  • You are ready to live with integrity.
  • You are ready to make change in your life & feel the best you can each day.
  • You want to be truly heard.
  • You understand true healing is not a quick fix.

What does a mentorship entail?
  • You will be working with me and specific plant allies.
  • The plants and I will be your mentors .
  • We will listen to your dreams & life journey.
  • Plant Spirit Healing Mentorship will help you live an embodied life.
  • The plants work on physical, emotional, spiritual,
     metaphysical, and multidimensional realms.
  • Once you start on this healing path all that no longer serves you will fall away.
  • The plants work at a gentle pace.

My teachers are listed in my bio in the "About Julie Gaia" page.

How it works:
Sessions are done long distance or in person.
They are $180 per 2 hour session.

​​I offer a free half hour phone call to see if I am the right person to assist you.
Please use the contact me link.


You brought the love back into my relationship with my husband of 5o years. Never forget that. Anonymous.

Thank-you for setting the sail on this journey and handing me the oar. I am so grateful.
R.D Hamilton

Without words, with heart, so much I have learned, from the earth, from the earth people, so much medicine, it keeps flowing. Z.S Mexico

I had psoriasis for 4 years. After four months of Plant Spirit Healing my skin healed. I was able to let go of the heavy grief I was carrying since my husband died. 


"RW: Why am I alive?
Old Woman: Because everything else is.
RW:No. I mean the purpose.
Old Woman: That is the purpose.

To learn about your relatives.
RW: My family?
Old Woman: Yes. The moon, stars, rocks, trees, plants, water, insects, birds, and mammals. Your whole family. Learn about that relationship.How you are moving through time and space together.That's why you are alive."

Richard Wagamese.(1955-2017)